Ping & Major Parkinson – Live in Concert

Update: Excellent photos from the gig are now available here and here, courtesy of Jarle Hrafn Grindhaug

Welcome all to musical bonanza, when Ping and Major Parkinson again join forces on stage. Saturday 17th of January at John Dee, Oslo.

Edit: Joining us on stage are the following special guest stars: Thomas Haugbro – guitar, Kristoffer Alberts – saxophone, Kim Alexander Wiegels Eriksen – trumpet and Jacob Krogvold – vocals.

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  1. Tja, 2009 er vel et hett tips?! (For øvrig har Ping opptrådt på en rekke ærverdige etablissement i barteby i tillegg til samfundet; jeg nevner i fleng – Café Larsen, Sake, Uffa…)

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