Tummy Boy

Seeing that the jubilee is next year, there has been a renewed surge of interest in Ping’s whatabouts and whereabouts. This is hardly surprising, given the spectacular nature of the artistic outlet you are about to receive. But ladies and gents, you will have to hold your hoses for a little while longer.

In the meantime we invite you to have a peek at what occurred in Brown Lagoon studios an evening in June, when the renowned Arctic throat singer Señor Baj joined us for some Pingoleeze pop-music propulsion. A display of craftsmanship, this classic little piece was composed, arranged and recorded in an eight hour sitting. (As usual, if any failed or aspiring states want to use the melody for national anthem – please give us a heads up in advance!)

…out of the ashes

As many of you know 2014 was a rough year for Ping. Our studio for thirteen years burnt down, combusting most of our equipment and instruments. Amazingly – one harddisk with our recorded material survived! Still, it has taken time, money and effort to find a new place and rebuild everything. We are currently in a good groove and looking forward to share new material with you, as well as play some gigs!

The A-side

Also known as Radio Hit #1, here’s the lyrics to The A-side. Feel free to sing along.

Is there poison in my wine?

I’m a leopard out of line.

Dining with your pretty friends,

I represent the odds and ends

of this night.


You told me what I cannot do,

All the wrongs I resist for you.

Laughing with your best of friends,

Morning comes and I’ll make amends,

but not tonight.


Feels like I’m fishing in bottles of water,

Falls like a star with a number for name.


So I spill my semen and heart

So sincere, this vulgar art.

Mingling with the spotlight fiends

Wonder if it ever ends,

but it might.


Feels like I’m fishing in bottles of water,

Falls like a star with a number for name.

Feels like I’m fishing in bottles of water,

Shining the surface, striving for fame.

Artwork for the new single ready!

Ping is proud to present the artwork for our coming single “The A-side/The B-side”. Visual miracle worker, Mr Martin Kvamme, once again steps up and does his magic.

The A-side


The single will be available on 7″ vinyl and digital download, courtesy of Brown Lagoon Records. The grand release will be at John Dee, Oslo, Saturday May 11th. Get your tickets here!


The B-side


Ping is proud to present this visually stunning video from “The Hurricane Spoof”.
While enjoying the pulsating beat of Motorik, director Erik Ferguson realised he ought to gather the Bergen mob; get down and dirty, not to mention semi-nude, to deliver this gritty piece of noir document. I’m telling you, this is almost exactly as it happened in that particular reality.

Sitting in metal, looking at plants
Living in concrete, looking through glass
Putting plants in my mouth
Pointing arm to the south
It’s so easy, it’s so easy

Shaking body laying on the rocks
Receiving sound in the ear
Twisting mouth while making these words
Processing sound that I hear

Oh, I’m gonna keep it easy,
Can you switch the light?
’cause I’m living in it,
tell me when to stop
’cause the sky has turned white

Surfin’ Microwaves


      Surfin' Microwaves
. As the title suggests we’re dealing with epic material here. You see, for Ping, surfing is not a mere recreational activity or a diverter of pastime; it’s a mode of transport. So let’s all join virtual hands and smack the lip together as we traverse unexplored musical and philosophical landscapes. Hang loose!

Out surfing on the microwaves
Face to face with an empty space
Lay like dust on a grave during earthquake
Hand in hand with the unplanned

Dive, dive, dive, dive..
Surf or dive!

Way too small to magnify, put it on the weight
it’s about to qualify
Measuring the value,
there is time to decimate

Surf’s up and the market’s down
No. 3 is your number one clown!
Too alive call the liquidator
When in doubt check the online translator

Donate an organ to electrify,
we need a brain
Brand new prototype
Putting your axe to the max
Get ready to decapitate

We need a brain!

Surfin’ Microwaves features trumpet & viola arrangements by Roald Madland, performed by Kim Alexander Wiegels Eriksen & Bendik Bjørnstad Foss, while Georg Lundgren is hammering the bongos.

Ave Pingus – new single & video

At long last, Brown Lagoon Media Syndicate is proud to present the première piece of pingoleeze prog-pop from “The Hurricane Spoof“.

Ave Pingus follows the tale of a troubled romantic and his talented, juvenile monkey.

I put leather beneath my soles to insulate
a lever between our souls to isolate
I let her behold my sole emotion – hate
wrote a letter before it’s too late

I got a present for you – lost in the woods
It’s a little baby monkey, making a scene
He’s got a heart of gold and your name tattooed on his tongue
every night he puts up a show; playing your emotions

Ave Pingus

I’ve got a pheasant for you – lost in the woods
I’ve got a headache for you, know what I mean?

We got it under control – the monkey’s got it under control!

State of the civilization – February 2011

We are happy to announce that Ping is pregnant with a new record! Temporarily titled “The Gazebo of Malevolence”, we suspect it will be a chart breaker that will dispel any financial worry, both for the band and the listener!

Hmm, did I not read this very sentence less than a year ago, the avid reader of thepingpage.com is telling himself while reading this post. Indeed you did dear reader! The humble writer merely cut’n’pasted the paragraph so that you could pride yourself with having a decent capability for memory, as well as an excellent taste in music.

That said, the introduction is no less true today; Ping is still pregnant with a record. Imagine The body of Ping, filled to the brim with organic and inorganic sounds, creative forces both malevolent and benign, just waiting to burst on the scene in a sonic psychedelic parturition hitherto unheard of.

How long is a musical gestation period, you might enquire? A valid question that is seldom posed, the answer to which might possibly be calculated through the use of advanced algorithms and non-scientific statistics. I probably need not remind you that the average gestation period for a mouse is 20 days, baboon 187 days, human 259-294 days and elephant 600-660 days!

Heeding this, we may conclude that the coming album will not resemble any mouse or ape. It will definitely be trans-human, and (bear with me) it might very well be elephantastic…

Stay tuned and sing along – maybe in May, we’ll be gay on the bay!

Bad News | Good News | Ave Pingus

Fellow spacemen – due to incongruency in the flux capacitor the Ping news feed has been dormant for a while. Now, equilibrium restored, the saga continues with Janus-faced tidings.

Long time donor of organ sounds Norm Fredheim Hanson has abdicated from stardom, in support of his wife’s dairy productions. A striking blow to the band’s keyboard section, as well as an increase in average body mass index of the troupe. Fortunately Norm Hanson has promised to reappear suddenly and infrequently, both in studio and on stage.
What could have become a hole in the band’s wall of sonus however, seemed like a most fitting position for none other than Norm’s best man – Thomas Haugbro, Esq. Axe grinder Thomas, Esq. has already joined forces with Ping on stage several times during the past couple of years so his inclusion was a natural development in the Ping saga. We are most pleased to have Thomas, Esq. on board and we’re confident that his affection for 70’s guitar grooves will bring a new dimension to this musical complexion.

Thomas Haugbro, Esq.
Thomas Haugbro, Esq.

We are also happy to announce that Ping is pregnant with a new record! Temporarily titled “The Gazebo of Malevolence”, we suspect it will be a chart breaker that will dispel any financial worry, both for the band and the listener! Now, doesn’t that sound like a deal? Popular hits include “I put a smell on you”, “Leave your lame and your lumber” and “Ave Pingus – the monkey goes bananas”. Stay tuned and we might just give you an audible low down.