Release Party – August 1st 2009

Welcome all to a friendly gathering in celebration of our fourth release – Discotheque of Darkness.

The shit will hit the fans at CafĂ© Mono, Oslo, Saturday August 1st, and we’ll start playing in prime time, exactly corresponding with barne-tv at NRK, that is 18.00.

So bring your distant relatives, your secret lovers and your local state leaders; this is musical bonanza at the utterly unfair price of gratis/no-charge-what-so-ever.

The dough you save on the entrance fee may, if you wish, be spent on the purchasing of the tonal goods, be it in handy compact disc format, or retro vinyl style.

See you!

Ping & Major Parkinson – Live in Concert

Update: Excellent photos from the gig are now available here and here, courtesy of Jarle Hrafn Grindhaug

Welcome all to musical bonanza, when Ping and Major Parkinson again join forces on stage. Saturday 17th of January at John Dee, Oslo.

Edit: Joining us on stage are the following special guest stars: Thomas Haugbro – guitar, Kristoffer Alberts – saxophone, Kim Alexander Wiegels Eriksen – trumpet and Jacob Krogvold – vocals.