Soundtrack and TV

“Typisk Norsk” (2006)

Ping på Typisk Norsk

See the Ping video used in “Typisk Norsk” here.
More info about the show at

“Berner og Bella” (2005)

Berner og Bella

A short film by Gaute Hesthagen.

  •       Berner & Bella - Waltz
  •       Berner & Bella - Sad
  •       Berner & Bella - Circus (version 2)
  •       Berner & Bella - The Fall
  •       Berner & Bella - In the Woods

Hoff TV/cinema commercial (2007)

Ping made the music for these amusing commercials. Watch them here.

Netcom TV/cinema commercial (2005)

Netcom ad

The norwegian telecom company Netcom is using Pings “Baby Beadle Boy” in a cinema/TV commercial. The original song can be found on It’s a Picnic.

“Tell Me Not To Worry” (2004)


Mattis and Jørgen made the soundtrack for this short animation made by Maria Trovatten and Karin Jacobsen. The film was produced by Tordenfilm and recieved several international awards.

“Love Game” (2003)

Love Game

A short movie directed by Gaute Hesthagen and produced by KLAPP MEDIA & KILOWATT. Watch Love game here.

“…and is that it?” (2001)

And is that it?

Music video made by Gaute Hesthagen for “…and is that it?”, a song from It’s a Picnic. (Camworker)

“Nils og Ronny” (2001)

Nils og Ronny

Ping can be heard on the norwegian TV-show “Nils & Ronny TV-Cocktail”. Nominated for “Gullruten”. Nils & Ronny.

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  1. Finnes det en instrumentalversjon av Flesh With a Wish lik den som er intro til Filmfrelst?

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