Ping is proud to present this visually stunning video from “The Hurricane Spoof”. While enjoying the pulsating beat of Motorik, director Erik Ferguson realised he ought to gather the Bergen mob; get down and dirty, not to mention semi-nude, to deliver this gritty piece of noir document. I’m telling you, this is almost exactly as…Read more

Ave Pingus – new single & video

At long last, Brown Lagoon Media Syndicate is proud to present the premi√®re piece of pingoleeze prog-pop from “The Hurricane Spoof“. Ave Pingus follows the tale of a troubled romantic and his talented, juvenile monkey. I put leather beneath my soles to insulate a lever between our souls to isolate I let her behold my…Read more

Ping performing Like a Virgin

Here’s our take on Madonna’s virginity, dressed up as Tom Waits, with just a hint of Prokofiev in between. Performed live at Midnattsrocken in Lakselv, Norway, July 2007. Kudos to Mr Bendik Foss on the violin and Mr Thomas Haugbro on the guitar.