Hallo! Ween!

Ping presents the 4th annual tribute to WEEN. The show will take place at Garage, Oslo. Saturday, October 30th. Additional artists will be announced! Stay tuned.

Klubb Øya, Gloria Flames, Oslo

Ping slapp sitt fjerde album Discotheque Of Darkness i august i fjor. Siden 1999 har bandet gledet og forarget kritikere og publikum med sin selvtitulerte “metamusikk”. “Strong grooves, efficient songwriting, and surprises by the ton. These guys know what they are doing and they do it marvelously well”, skriver amerikanske Allmusic. På kveldens konsert blir…Read more

En Aften Paa Gamla

Da du trodde at hormonhysterien hadde lagt seg, at gatene igjen ville fylles med kiltkledte konemishandlere og at konsumprisindeksen ville ta et krumspring, viste det seg at det ble musikkens svar på Baktus som fikk i oppdrag å fylle tidens tann. Pings fjerde utgivelse ”Discotheque of Darkness” ble sluppet i august i fjor – til stormende…Read more

Hallo! Ween! III

Autumn is upon us, alas it is time for our annual celebration. For the third year in a row Ping welcome friends and fans to an exciting hommage to Ween‘s musical wizardry. Come d’habitude this takes place at Café Mono in Oslo, Friday October 31st. We’re having a lot of fun rehearsing the material and…Read more

Free downloads…every month!

As the alert reader may have noticed, thepingpage has undergone dramatic changes recently. In addition to a soothing visual experience we present you the “Ping for your pod-sidebar”, where you can download all the latest audible ping-folly, wherever, whenever and with whoever. An added bonus for you treasured listener, is that it’s free – gratis…Read more