The Zigzag Manoeuvre (2020)

Zig Zag Manoeuvre

1. Londonderry Revolutionary
2. God Made My Day
3. Copulating Cats
4. Shut Your Mouth
5. Get Ready
6. Trilby Hatter
7. Usurpers of the Afterlife
8. En Underbar Dag
9. Hammer Falling From the Sky
10. Milk Your Mom

Album art by Christer Karlstad
Album design by Martin Kvamme


The Progressive Aspect, UK

Every time I play this album, I wonder how I did not include it in my list of favourite releases from 2020. It’s an absolute blast, and from the moment the album starts with the gloriously upbeat and bonkers Londonderry Revolutionary, you know you’re in for a trip.

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9/10 – Profil Prog, Canada

Are you bored of the crazy melodies of CARDIACS, Frank ZAPPA or MR BUNGLE? I have something that could perhaps satisfy your deficiency in musical madness.

8/10 – Take Effect, USA

“Ping should definitely be on your radar, as their curious brand of rock is as unclassifiable as it is enjoyable”

WLWZ, Poland

“You cannot underestimate and not be impressed by what the Norwegians from the band Ping came up with on their new extravagant album.”

Nordic Music Review

Completely irresistible and a little bit bonkers.