NLO/Ping split (lyrics)

Lyrics from the NLO/Ping split

Ping & No Life Orchestra - CoverMindDiapers

the threadmill is missing ’cause they played us a trick
a mind bending, boggling, sort of pussycat lick
don’t get me wrong, the rampage isn’t yet on
remove your minddiapers you’ve waited so long
you better remove your
you better remove them now
you gotta’ get out of them now

I really Wanna

I really wanna see my girl with flowers in her hair
sippin’ on a lemonade sitting on the stairs
staying out, always late
drink all night and all day
filthy trousers, slimy hair
your breath is filled with booze’n’beer
I really wanna see my girl with flowers in her hair
sippin’ on a lemonade soaring through the air
driving in a chevy playing rock’n’roll & jazz
crossing all the borders, never running out of gas
laughing and smiling
wash your mouth!
always humming that stupid tune
and that silly band, what’s their name (ping)
your old man was just the same
can i advice you little boy
your heart is not just another toy
listen to your mother
she’s telling you the truth
life can be so cruel
but the secret is to follow your…

Braindrops (keep falling from my head)

I wanna feel, I wanna change
suck up the rain
I want you to feel the same
suck up the rain
suck up the rain, suck up the rain
there’s noone else to blame
it’s your own shame
suck up the rain, suck it up
we don’t want no love song
braindrops keep falling from my head
suck up the brain
suck it up ’til it dries up
we don’t care for blues bumps
why don’t you care for the blues bumps?
suck up the brain, suck up the brain, suck it up

we don’t want no love song
dig it up for the evolution
the bomboclat is in the bathroom
suck up the brain

Windproof & Superduper

Your little boy has been diggin’ up
a hole round my favourite spoon
and on the floor there is a sign
i’ll be back soon
I lay my chop-sticks as a cross down
on my plate
and I refuse to eat
all the shit that I hate when I’m
Windproof & superduper

I see the ghost cars are building up
a camp just beneath my feet
and the military band are with their tune
complaining ’bout the heat
there is a cat entertainer
eating flesh fodder in the bar
on every chair there are this song singing
Windproof & superduper
There is an ill-bred little dagger in my back,
There are my hands and my feet chained to the railroad track
there is this smell of petrol that is eating it’s way through my clothes
dying dirty is a thing that I loath so