4 Comments on “Knaus (Studentersamfundet) – 09/10/04”

  1. I’ve been enjoying the sieers the past couple weeks. Honestly, I’m more interested in Chad. That man is just so fascinating to listen to. I bet he could make (insert boring topic here) sound like the most fascinating subject on the planet. Every time I get to watch him talk I feel like the RCA dog with my head tilted to the side and my ears perked up.And yes, his kitchen is ridiculous!

  2. ago22Trucha Nemo, no has comentado nada sobre la tempura de langostinos. Son los langostinos más grandes y la tempura más buena que he comido núnca.¡Genial el restaurante! …. y eso que a mi los retaurantes japoneses no me gustaban demasiado.

  3. Important points for so many fields!What are your thoughts on the speed of S&C research making it into actual field? Obviously guys like you implement quicker than most.It’s unfortunate that some industries, like healthcare take years for the research to go mainstream. Even more reason for PT’s and Coaches to make a difference in the health of our people.

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