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  1. Hi Amrita,I’m glad you wrote that you were now blogging here! I would’ve been wodrnnieg what happened to you. Hope all is well in London and are all ready to enjoy the holidays and festivities. It is unbelievably warm over here in the US was hoping for a white xmas, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Anyways, this hot chocolate recipe looks amazing! The addition of sour cream is new to me

  2. the media has a gay preponderance it is not interested in ruling economically like the republicans it is backing Obama because of the gay issues…it is a society of self interested and it is the rich mans self interests that is making the laws…the gays are big contributors so we get gay marriage…this is allowed because it causes the populace to redirect their rage away from the 1%?

  3. Can I make a suggestion? I think youve got something good here. But what if you added a couple links to a page that backs up what youre saying? Or maybe you could give us something to look at, something that would connect what youre saying to something tangible? Just a suggestion.

  4. I post your articles on facebook often. You are awesome and truly G-d's trumpet. I think of Hezekiah in the Bible who when he was told of coming judgement was glad it would not happen in his day. I can not understand how he can be considered such a great king and be callused toward his children's future. 2Kings 20:19 KingJamesVersion

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