Happy end of old year

This has been an odd year, despite 2020 being an even number. Nevertheless, this post is not about pandemics or political tomfoolery, but a message from Ping – to you – about the power of music, humour and … But lets not get ahead of ourselves. This year saw the release of the much anticipated…Read more

Milk your mom – new single

Milk your mom is a passionate epos about at least three dwarves, Tipsy, Weepy and Jingly, maybe more. It is also a blatant mockery of a “Weepy, wobbly wimp who wants a wall”, which would have been funny, if it weren’t so sad. It is a beautiful audiolisation of the half baked truths of contemporary…Read more

God made my Day – New single out now!

Fret no more – the long wait is officially over, as Ping reemerge with a brand new rocker from the upcoming album “The Zigzag Manoeuvre”. “God Made My Day” is a hard rocking vision of post-apocalyptic Russia, sparked with enthusiasm and Jamiroquaiesque chorus. Once again, impressive cover art by painter Christer Karlstad and designer Martin…Read more

…out of the ashes

As many of you know 2014 was a rough year for Ping. Our studio for thirteen years burnt down, combusting most of our equipment and instruments. Amazingly – one harddisk with our recorded material survived! Still, it has taken time, money and effort to find a new place and rebuild everything. We are currently in…Read more

The A-side

Also known as Radio Hit #1, here’s the lyrics to The A-side. Feel free to sing along. Is there poison in my wine? I’m a leopard out of line. Dining with your pretty friends, I represent the odds and ends of this night.   You told me what I cannot do, All the wrongs I…Read more

Artwork for the new single ready!

Ping is proud to present the artwork for our coming single “The A-side/The B-side”. Visual miracle worker, Mr Martin Kvamme, once again steps up and does his magic.   The single will be available on 7″ vinyl and digital download, courtesy of Brown Lagoon Records. The grand release will be at John Dee, Oslo, Saturday…Read more


Ping is proud to present this visually stunning video from “The Hurricane Spoof”. While enjoying the pulsating beat of Motorik, director Erik Ferguson realised he ought to gather the Bergen mob; get down and dirty, not to mention semi-nude, to deliver this gritty piece of noir document. I’m telling you, this is almost exactly as…Read more

Surfin’ Microwaves

Ah… Surfin’ Microwaves. As the title suggests we’re dealing with epic material here. You see, for Ping, surfing is not a mere recreational activity or a diverter of pastime; it’s a mode of transport. So let’s all join virtual hands and smack the lip together as we traverse unexplored musical and philosophical landscapes. Hang loose!…Read more

Ave Pingus – new single & video

At long last, Brown Lagoon Media Syndicate is proud to present the première piece of pingoleeze prog-pop from “The Hurricane Spoof“. Ave Pingus follows the tale of a troubled romantic and his talented, juvenile monkey. I put leather beneath my soles to insulate a lever between our souls to isolate I let her behold my…Read more

State of the civilization – February 2011

We are happy to announce that Ping is pregnant with a new record! Temporarily titled “The Gazebo of Malevolence”, we suspect it will be a chart breaker that will dispel any financial worry, both for the band and the listener! Hmm, did I not read this very sentence less than a year ago, the avid…Read more

Bad News | Good News | Ave Pingus

Fellow spacemen – due to incongruency in the flux capacitor the Ping news feed has been dormant for a while. Now, equilibrium restored, the saga continues with Janus-faced tidings. Long time donor of organ sounds Norm Fredheim Hanson has abdicated from stardom, in support of his wife’s dairy productions. A striking blow to the band’s…Read more

Ping hyller Tom Waits på Rockefeller

Mandag 7. desember runder vår alles Tom Waits 60 år. I den anledning trommer et kobbel norske og svenske artister sammen til storslagen feiring på Rockefeller. Som kjent er Jørgen i barselperm til nyttår, men for en kvelds skyld lar han barn være barn og tar whiskeyrøsten med på scenen igjen. Vi gleder oss! !

Release Party – August 1st 2009

Welcome all to a friendly gathering in celebration of our fourth release – Discotheque of Darkness. The shit will hit the fans at Café Mono, Oslo, Saturday August 1st, and we’ll start playing in prime time, exactly corresponding with barne-tv at NRK, that is 18.00. So bring your distant relatives, your secret lovers and your…Read more


Hippopop is a little chart breaker that got cut from “Discotheque of Darkness” at the final hour. This was actually the first song we recorded after “The Castle Massacre” so the ‘steady’ backbeat comes with compliments to Αλέξανδρος Lindusbächus. The Nord Lead II synthesizer made its debut here, as well as Ping’s own manufactured plug-in:…Read more

Discotheque of Darkness – to be released August 1st.

(For english – press f9, then scroll down. Otherwise, scroll away) Vær hilset! Det har vært en liten taushetsperiode fra Ping nå. Tiden har vi benyttet til å finslipe «Discotheque of Darkness» som skal utgis på Luftwaffel Records 1. august. Albumet blir tilgjengelig på gatefold vinyl og CD, samt gjennom alle store nettbutikker. Vi vil…Read more


What we have here is a stupid song; stupid, stupid, stupid. Still, Brothers was our first single to reach top ten on the charts of Uqbar in Tlön. Banging the drum on this tune is ole Maestro Lindbäck. The trombone section is conducted by Wankin’ Fredheim. The entire Ping boys choir can be heard on…Read more

Konstantinopel – Live@John Dee 17/01/09

Byzantium, Miklagard, Tsargrad, Istanbul, Stamboul – these are all names for the same city in Turkey – Constantinople, or Konstantinopel in Norwegian. Free of charge provides you with this trivium to impress your friends, nemesis, teachers and/or mistresses. Not suprisingly and not unrelated, Konstantinopel is also the title of this humalong tune, as performed…Read more