The Hurricane Spoof – New album April 2012!

At long last, Brown Lagoon Media Syndicate is proud to present the première piece of pingoleeze prog-pop from “The Hurricane Spoof“.

Ave Pingus follows the tale of a troubled romantic and his talented, juvenile monkey.

I put leather beneath my soles to insulate
a lever between our souls to isolate
I let her behold my sole emotion – hate
wrote a letter before it’s too late

I got a present for you – lost in the woods
It’s a little baby monkey, making a scene
He’s got a heart of gold and your name tattooed on his tongue
every night he puts up a show; playing your emotions

Ave Pingus

I’ve got a pheasant for you – lost in the woods
I’ve got a headache for you, know what I mean?

We got it under control – the monkey’s got it under control!

13 Comments on “The Hurricane Spoof – New album April 2012!”

  1. Release at John Dee, Oslo, Saturday 28th April. CDs and gatefold vinyl available. See you there!

  2. Missed you at the John Dee gig… Been listening to surfing microwaves! Pretty damn good. Can’t wait to pick up the new shiat on vinyl! Can it be ordered from the site eventually?

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