Happy end of old year

This has been an odd year, despite 2020 being an even number. Nevertheless, this post is not about pandemics or political tomfoolery, but a message from Ping – to you – about the power of music, humour and … But lets not get ahead of ourselves. This year saw the release of the much anticipated “The Zigzag Manoeuvre” on Apollon Records Prog. We are delighted to finally share our work with you again, after the long period of radio silence. Some of you might have heard that one of the songs on the album – “Hammer falling from the sky” – was written and partly recorded two days before our studio burnt to the ground. Thankfully, the recording was saved! And it just so turns out that this song contains several premonitions of the year that just passed by “Like a hammer falling from the sky – on your head – on your toe – again”.

With the arrival of a new year, here’s from the heart of our bottoms – from Ping with love:

Hammer falling from the sky

Like a carrot on the market, 
or a stain on the carpet.  
Like a shave at the barber shop,  
I will be there for you.  

A parking ticket on your windshield,  
a hammer falling from the sky. 
On your head. On your toe. Again.  

Like a crumble in the jungle, 
Scissors when you stumble.
Withered flowers on the grave, 
I will be there for you.
He will be there for you.  

Like a piece of salmon sandwich, 
or pepperoni with cheese, 
or chickpeas if you please. 

I’m running in your tights, 
Feel the cold, dark light.
Shattered, feel like shite! 
Mom! This doesn’t feel right! 

A parking ticket on your windshield,
A hammer falling from the sky. 

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