A Day in the Soup

While making the music for Berner & Bella, Mattis came up with the melody that was to become A Day in the Soup. Tore loved it, and promptly decided to make a Eurotrance version of it, confident that it’d be a monster hit! Fortunately a disk crashed before the tune was done, but a demo was saved.

When Ping decided to have a go at the melody again the working title thus became “Monster Hit”. The lyrics started out somewhat serious, but quickly curious things happened, and we had a theme for the song.

It is fine by me. If that’s how you feel, that’s the way it should be.

You can cry, you can sing, you can hope for some thing to be.

I fell in the soup, who will rescue me?

Floating around with mushroom and fish – today I’m a part of the musical dish.

And as the soup gets cold, you know that you are growing old.

And when the giant’s done, it’s time to take your hat and run.

The sparrow has fallen, the plate has been cleaned,

in the eyes of a dead girl the void can be seen – it’s fine by me.

Sleep now, rest your soul, the filthy rabbit has just left the hole.

Do you know you’re part of the dish?

If that’s the way it should be, waiter bring me one more melody.

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