The A-side

Also known as Radio Hit #1, here’s the lyrics to The A-side. Feel free to sing along. Is there poison in my wine? I’m a leopard out of line. Dining with your pretty friends, I represent the odds and ends of this night.   You told me what I cannot do, All the wrongs I…Read more

Surfin’ Microwaves

Ah… Surfin’ Microwaves. As the title suggests we’re dealing with epic material here. You see, for Ping, surfing is not a mere recreational activity or a diverter of pastime; it’s a mode of transport. So let’s all join virtual hands and smack the lip together as we traverse unexplored musical and philosophical landscapes. Hang loose!…Read more

Ping live tracks added

Live tracks from a concert at Gamla, Oslo 2010. Check them out at Ping For Your Pod, to the right. Thanks to Kristoffer Alberts (Saxophone), Kim Alexander Wiegels Eriksen (Trumpet) and ex-Ping Hans Norman Fredheim (Keys).


Hippopop is a little chart breaker that got cut from “Discotheque of Darkness” at the final hour. This was actually the first song we recorded after “The Castle Massacre” so the ‘steady’ backbeat comes with compliments to Αλέξανδρος Lindusbächus. The Nord Lead II synthesizer made its debut here, as well as Ping’s own manufactured plug-in:…Read more


What we have here is a stupid song; stupid, stupid, stupid. Still, Brothers was our first single to reach top ten on the charts of Uqbar in Tlön. Banging the drum on this tune is ole Maestro Lindbäck. The trombone section is conducted by Wankin’ Fredheim. The entire Ping boys choir can be heard on…Read more

Konstantinopel – Live@John Dee 17/01/09

Byzantium, Miklagard, Tsargrad, Istanbul, Stamboul – these are all names for the same city in Turkey – Constantinople, or Konstantinopel in Norwegian. Free of charge provides you with this trivium to impress your friends, nemesis, teachers and/or mistresses. Not suprisingly and not unrelated, Konstantinopel is also the title of this humalong tune, as performed…Read more

Flesh With a Wish

As a token of appreciation of you, the receiver of cadeaux audibles, Ping humbly offers this little symphonic piece of joy to put you in that merry state of christmas spiritus. This opus was spawned in Jørgens mind womb and recorded live in the Ping studio. The one hitting it parapapapam is Ping’s own Claes Terjesen. Lyric wise this is a tribute to monkey man Charles Darwin. Musically we honour Donald Glen Vliet…Read more

Cross Country Skiing

First of all; apologies for the long wait. Frankly, we’ve been busy. To make it up, we promise to have more material out before christmas. As you may gather from the title, Cross Country Skiing is a season oriented tune, describing the pleasures and leisures of nordic winter. Notice the steady, rockin’ drumbeat – that’s…Read more

The Customer & the Manufacturer

The Customer & the Manufacturer – epic title and a true story. The seagulls habitate outside our studio and the “swedish/english”-monologue is authentic… something. Decipher at your own risk. The guitar/flute moods are performed by Mattis Santana and Hans Norman Zamfir. …Yabbadabbadabbaday – Hey! The shame fills my heart like a fart fills an elevator,…Read more

Donkey Kong

This song started out with a bunch of chord changes, and we had basically no idea where we were going. But by virtue of inspired lyrics and zesty vocals we found the formula. Once again thanks to Kristofer Alberts on the saxophone. If you spot any clarinet that would be Mattis doing the blow job,…Read more

Discotheque of Darkness

Originally Discotheque of Darkness was recorded on 8-track back in the 90s. The demo can be heard here. However, when Jørgen came up with the final riff and we performed this rocker live, we knew it was time for a revitalized studio recording. Thanks to Kristoffer Alberts for exquisite saxopohone treatment. Can you feel the…Read more

A Day in the Soup

While making the music for Berner & Bella, Mattis came up with the melody that was to become A Day in the Soup. Tore loved it, and promptly decided to make a Eurotrance version of it, confident that it’d be a monster hit! Fortunately a disk crashed before the tune was done, but a demo…Read more

Hick in the Mall

Hick in the Mall was originally composed using the computer program Reason, hence the tidy playing. When Mattis added the reggaeish guitar and Jørgen sang from the heart of his bottom, the song took a quantum leap. (BTW, can you spot the Pink Floyd reference that’s painstakingly hidden somewhere in this track?) Rolling through the…Read more

The Soul in the Woodshed

The story behind The Soul in the Woodshed is illustrative of the Ping approach to composing. Drum tracks were recorded initially, whereupon each band member got to write down his two favorite chords, enough to make verse and chorus.

It’s a Picnic – old, weird and rare.

 The rare and fantastic Ping album “It’s a Picnic” (1999?) is close to impossible to find in any record store. This is sad, but we can still offer the record as a free download! We know it’s not the same as owning the record, but get used to it, life’s not a Picnic; Download the album “It’s…Read more