The Soul in the Woodshed

The story behind

      The Soul in the Woodshed
is illustrative of the Ping approach to composing. Drum tracks were recorded initially, whereupon each band member got to write down his two favorite chords, enough to make verse and chorus.

The squeeking, breathing sound comes from the accordion, and the viola is played by Bendik Foss. The hidden backward vocal is there to poison unsuspicious minds.

There are foot prints on the wall. There’s sugar in the salt.

Bread crumbs in my bed. Not alone anymore.

Who’s inside my walls? Closets seem like halls.

The scent of something else. That sound wasn’t here yesterday.

Keep it down with those finger bells. Trying to get some rest.

A door locked from the other side. A gust of wind, a breathing thing.

Someone crying, screaming, hello? what?

Who’s inside my walls? Closets seem like halls.

Center of this world. Sent here to be…

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