Donkey Kong

This song started out with a bunch of chord changes, and we had basically no idea where we were going. But by virtue of inspired lyrics and zesty vocals we found the formula. Once again thanks to Kristofer Alberts on the saxophone. If you spot any clarinet that would be Mattis doing the blow job, while Hans jerks the trombone. By the way; modulation in the middle of the refrain does not make it easier to perform this piece.

Alas, Ping proudly presents (You are the one that they used to call) Donkey Kong.

I’ve got an itch in the fruit, I’m talking pain in the mango.

We’ve got a flying banana, let’s do the tangerine tango.

Hand in hand we’ll do the coconut calypso.

Pineapple boogie, in the Big Apple pie.

One night it stayed out late, I have a hole underneath my bed.

Please excuse me, don’t confuse me, I can’t go on without you, and you…

…and you are the one that they used to call Donkey Kong.

Last night it had a dream, and it was clear then just when and how –

much undone please don’t conceive me now!

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