The Customer & the Manufacturer

      The Customer & the Manufacturer
– epic title and a true story. The seagulls habitate outside our studio and the “swedish/english”-monologue is authentic… something. Decipher at your own risk. The guitar/flute moods are performed by Mattis Santana and Hans Norman Zamfir. …Yabbadabbadabbaday – Hey!

The shame fills my heart like a fart fills an elevator,

I blamed it on art from the start, now it’s sooner than later.

First I do green, then I add grey,

I spit on it twice and call it a day –

May day! It’s Pay day!

The aim is a part of the tart that is mystically flavoured,

Shine my funny little Ballantine.

I left all my troubles behind

my lovely little funky rhymes.

First I did green, then I turned grey,

I ripped out my heart and used it as clay,

Mayday – yabbadabbadabbaday – Hey!!

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