Konstantinopel – Live@John Dee 17/01/09

Byzantium, Miklagard, Tsargrad, Istanbul, Stamboul – these are all names for the same city in Turkey – Constantinople, or Konstantinopel in Norwegian. Free of charge thepingpage.com provides you with this trivium to impress your friends, nemesis, teachers and/or mistresses.

Not suprisingly and not unrelated, Konstantinopel is also the title of this humalong tune, as performed on stage in Oslo, at John Dee 17/01/09.

Rumour has it that a Turkish fraction is contemplating to make Konstantinopel the new Turkish national anthem! (But these are rumours, as I said, and it’s probably more like a fraction of a fraction…)

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  1. MrFreeze: When will Ping create a similar piece of musical art especially for your own hometown? I believe the song “Nidaros” will generate worldwide success in the south Trondelag region. And further, if you add some vague RBK trollkids messages into the lyric lines, your band will reach a higher ground.

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