Hippopop is a little chart breaker that got cut from “Discotheque of Darkness” at the final hour. This was actually the first song we recorded after “The Castle Massacre” so the ‘steady’ backbeat comes with compliments to Αλέξανδρος Lindusbächus. The Nord Lead II synthesizer made its debut here, as well as Ping’s own manufactured plug-in: The Beavis and Buttheadizer. No non-alcoholic beverages were consumed during the making of this song.

Shave your head and find the spot,

Put a flower in the pot.

Snap to bar and have a drink,

Crack the star and let it sink,

It makes me think – I have found the missing link!

Platypussy, Platypussy Go, Go – Platypussy Go!

Levitate & Deviate.

Hippo pop

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