Surfin’ Microwaves

Ah… Surfin’ Microwaves. As the title suggests we’re dealing with epic material here. You see, for Ping, surfing is not a mere recreational activity or a diverter of pastime; it’s a mode of transport. So let’s all join virtual hands and smack the lip together as we traverse unexplored musical and philosophical landscapes. Hang loose!

Out surfing on the microwaves
Face to face with an empty space
Lay like dust on a grave during earthquake
Hand in hand with the unplanned

Dive, dive, dive, dive..
Surf or dive!

Way too small to magnify, put it on the weight
it’s about to qualify
Measuring the value,
there is time to decimate

Surf’s up and the market’s down
No. 3 is your number one clown!
Too alive call the liquidator
When in doubt check the online translator

Donate an organ to electrify,
we need a brain
Brand new prototype
Putting your axe to the max
Get ready to decapitate

We need a brain!

Surfin’ Microwaves features trumpet & viola arrangements by Roald Madland, performed by Kim Alexander Wiegels Eriksen & Bendik Bjørnstad Foss, while Georg Lundgren is hammering the bongos.

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