Flesh With a Wish

As a token of appreciation of you, the receiver of cadeaux audibles, Ping humbly offers this little symphonic piece of joy to put you in that merry state of christmas spiritus. This opus was spawned in Jørgens mind womb and recorded live in the Ping studio. The one hitting it parapapapam is Ping’s own Claes Terjesen. Lyric wise this is a tribute to monkey man Charles Darwin. Musically we honour Donald Glen Vliet…Read more

Discotheque of Darkness

Originally Discotheque of Darkness was recorded on 8-track back in the 90s. The demo can be heard here. However, when Jørgen came up with the final riff and we performed this rocker live, we knew it was time for a revitalized studio recording. Thanks to Kristoffer Alberts for exquisite saxopohone treatment. Can you feel the…Read more

It’s a Picnic – old, weird and rare.

 The rare and fantastic Ping album “It’s a Picnic” (1999?) is close to impossible to find in any record store. This is sad, but we can still offer the record as a free download! We know it’s not the same as owning the record, but get used to it, life’s not a Picnic; Download the album “It’s…Read more