Happy new year 2024

For 2024, we are planning some concerts in Norway, and will continue composing tracks for our coming album about space and time. We wish you all less warfare and more prog rock in the coming year.

Happy end of old year

This has been an odd year, despite 2020 being an even number. Nevertheless, this post is not about pandemics or political tomfoolery, but a message from Ping – to you – about the power of music, humour and … But lets not get ahead of ourselves. This year saw the release of the much anticipated “The Zigzag Manoeuvre” on Apollon Records Prog. We are delighted to finally share our work with you again, after the long period of radio silence. Some of you might have heard that one of the songs on the album – “Hammer falling from the sky” – was written and partly recorded two days before our studio burnt to the ground. Thankfully, the recording was saved! And it just so turns out that this song contains several premonitions of the year that just passed by “Like a hammer falling from the sky – on your head – on your toe – again”.

With the arrival of a new year, here’s from the heart of our bottoms – from Ping with love:

Hammer falling from the sky

Like a carrot on the market, 
or a stain on the carpet.  
Like a shave at the barber shop,  
I will be there for you.  

A parking ticket on your windshield,  
a hammer falling from the sky. 
On your head. On your toe. Again.  

Like a crumble in the jungle, 
Scissors when you stumble.
Withered flowers on the grave, 
I will be there for you.
He will be there for you.  

Like a piece of salmon sandwich, 
or pepperoni with cheese, 
or chickpeas if you please. 

I’m running in your tights, 
Feel the cold, dark light.
Shattered, feel like shite! 
Mom! This doesn’t feel right! 

A parking ticket on your windshield,
A hammer falling from the sky. 

Milk your mom – new single

Milk your mom is a passionate epos about at least three dwarves, Tipsy, Weepy and Jingly, maybe more. It is also a blatant mockery of a “Weepy, wobbly wimp who wants a wall”, which would have been funny, if it weren’t so sad. It is a beautiful audiolisation of the half baked truths of contemporary society, that might do some good. Consequently, it is also the ugly bastard of fake news and ill will. Milk your mom, dude.


Painting by Christer Karlstad. Design by Martin Kvamme.

Milk your mom

Sleepy, sloppy slips of sense and soul.
Heaps of hoppy hippies down a hole.
Creepy, croppy crips come crawling home.
Sleepy, sloppy slips of sense and soul.

What are you gonna do?
When you wake up?

Tipsy, topsy trips of mind control.
Weepy, wobbly wimp who wants a wall.
Jingly, jangly bling that jinx the parole.
Mingy, mangy mingers milk your mom!

Tipsy stay here, Weepy don’t go,
Jingly, my love, I need you near.

Biggly, boldly, braggly, breaks the role.
Quingy, quirky, craving for a crown.
Break my bone.
Biggly, boldly, braggly, breaks the role.

God made my Day – New single out now!

Fret no more – the long wait is officially over, as Ping reemerge with a brand new rocker from the upcoming album “The Zigzag Manoeuvre”. “God Made My Day” is a hard rocking vision of post-apocalyptic Russia, sparked with enthusiasm and Jamiroquaiesque chorus. Once again, impressive cover art by painter Christer Karlstad and designer Martin Kvamme. All instruments are played by the usual suspects, including the sensational Kristoffer Berre Alberts breathing air rhythmically through his portable single-reed brass artifact.



Painting by Christer Karlstad. Design by Martin Kvamme.

God Made My Day

Climbing out of the shelter.
Through the rubble of the Voronezh Zoo.
With a zig-zag Manoeuvre, on a prowl tonight.

God made my day! Climbing out,
through the rumble of the Voronezh zoo
With a zig-zag manoeuvre, on a prowl tonight.

Don’t ask why. It’s the day I die.
It’s a broken voice. It’s a living lie

On a motorcycle trip, going straight to the top,
two bucks for a bang and a holler!
Bang! Bang! Bang!

Don’t ask why, it’s the day we die,
it’s a broken marble, we’re flying high.

I’m waiting for the water to boil.

Climbing back in the shelter.

Tummy Boy

Seeing that the jubilee is next year, there has been a renewed surge of interest in Ping’s whatabouts and whereabouts. This is hardly surprising, given the spectacular nature of the artistic outlet you are about to receive. But ladies and gents, you will have to hold your hoses for a little while longer.

In the meantime we invite you to have a peek at what occurred in Brown Lagoon studios an evening in June, when the renowned Arctic throat singer Señor Baj joined us for some Pingoleeze pop-music propulsion. A display of craftsmanship, this classic little piece was composed, arranged and recorded in an eight hour sitting. (As usual, if any failed or aspiring states want to use the melody for national anthem – please give us a heads up in advance!)

Recording new album

While waiting for next years world wide twenty year Ping appreciation festivity, what better pastime than cooking up songs for the coming album? Tentatively titled “The Zigzag Manoeuvre”, a sobriquet destined to attract a variety of misspellings, the album is rumoured to contain a plethora of anticipated hits such as “Milk your mom!”, “I’m running in your tights”, “The usurpers of the afterlife” & “Picture of my cock”.

…out of the ashes

As many of you know 2014 was a rough year for Ping. Our studio for thirteen years burnt down, combusting most of our equipment and instruments. Amazingly – one harddisk with our recorded material survived! Still, it has taken time, money and effort to find a new place and rebuild everything. We are currently in a good groove and looking forward to share new material with you, as well as play some gigs!